Organizations Linked to Chinese Military Behind American Colleges

Organizations Linked to Chinese Military Behind American Colleges

( – In the summer of 2020, the US started cracking down on issuing student visas to Chinese nationals. The State Department believes the country was sending students to the country to spy and steal research. But, it goes even deeper than that.

On January 11, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced China was funneling money into American universities. The government believes the Chinese entities are linked to the military and have given schools upwards of $88 million over the last 6 years, but the schools were given hundreds of millions more by other Chinese organizations.

Experts agree with Secretary Pompeo’s belief that the donations from China are a national security threat. Project 2049 senior director Ian Easton said as much and said the US government needs to stop the “torrent of [Chinese Communist Party]-linked money flowing into” the American education system before the Communists exploit it to obtain critical research information.

That’s exactly what the Trump administration has been trying to do.

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