Over a Dozen Officers HOSPITALIZED – Details Pouring In!

Over a Dozen Officers Hospitalized

(UnitedVoice.com) – Law enforcement has faced an incredible amount of hate over the last several years. Despite that, young men and women have signed up to serve their communities. A group of new recruits in California recently required hospitalization after what police believe was an intentional attack.

On November 16, a group of 75 recruits from the STARS Center Academy were out for a run when a car plowed into them. Twenty-five of the recruits suffered injuries ranging from minor to critical. KTLA reported LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said there’s evidence to indicate the accident was “a deliberate act.” A witness said the driver’s foot was still on the accelerator after the crash. She said first responders were able to pull him out of the car and detain him when they arrived.

The sheriff’s department arrested the driver, Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez, for the attempted murder of a peace officer. The 22-year-old passed a field sobriety test after the accident, but police found marijuana in the car. Security footage reportedly showed his car veering into the opposite lanes of traffic, right into the group.

ABC News reported Villanueva said the wreckage looked like an airplane had crashed because of all the bodies on the ground. Fortunately, the accident happened near a fire station, and firefighters were immediately on the scene.

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