Oversight Chairman Demanding Trump’s Emails, Mueller Testimony and Andrew Cuomo’s Witch Hunt

House Oversight Chairman Wants Trump’s Emails

Representative Elija Cummings wants the White House to turn over all of Trump’s emails so they can be reviewed by the House Oversight Committee. The Committee is currently reviewing email practices of Trump administration staffers across the board, hoping to find proof of violated record-keeping laws.

It is interesting for Dems to suddenly show an interest in email management practices, especially given how hard they fought to defend Hillary Clinton. Maybe they should deal with her emails first, lest they be accused (yet again) of hypocrisy.

Republicans Looking Forward to Mueller Testimony

Democrats LOVE the idea of Robert Mueller testifying in front of Congress. In fact, they’ve been extremely vocal about it over the last little while. One can only assume they believe his testimony will somehow vindicate them – but they may be rooting for the wrong thing.

In fact, most Republicans can’t wait for Mueller to testify, either. Why? They believe it will vindicate their defense of Trump. Shoving the Left’s bias back in their own faces is, of course, an appreciated side effect of the world discovering Mueller’s lack of integrity and credibility, too.

Whatever happens, you can be sure it will cause a significant amount of drama. Both parties almost universally dislike the man, albeit for very different reasons.

President Trump Accusing Cuomo of Harassing His Businesses

President Trump is very unhappy with the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. The President took to Twitter to inform the public how he feels about the Governor’s unfair witch hunt, a travesty many believe stems from Trump’s landmark success in corporate New York.

The President believes that Cuomo is using Attorney General Letitia James to harass his businesses. To anyone with sense, this seems a bit odd; after all, Trump brings millions of dollars into the state’s economy every single year. But the fact of the matter is that Cuomo has expressed anti-Trump sentiments in the past.

Wouldn’t the better option be to work with Trump and help New York flourish? Cuomo needs to learn that Trump can be a beneficial ally with just a little respect. New York has enough problems, they shouldn’t be wasting time searching for problems where none exist.

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