Parents Irate Over Middle School Abortion Video

Parents Irate Over Middle School Abortion Video
Parents Irate Over Middle School Abortion Video

A teacher from Sutter Middle School in Sacramento is in trouble after showing an extremely graphic abortion video to middle school students. Jenny Thomas delivered the pro-abortion video, which showed abortion at various stages of gestation, as a part of her regular curriculum.

Key Facts

• Parents have concerns about the nature of the video, which is narrated by well-known pro-life activist Anthony Levatino.
• The graphic film’s aim is to dissuade viewers from choosing abortion, but parental concerns aren’t just about the film’s bias. Some have questioned whether the extremely graphic nature of the movie makes it age-appropriate for middle schoolers.
• Others have concerns about whether middle schoolers should be exposed to such a contentious topic at all. School spokesperson, Alex Barrios, called it “completely inappropriate for the classroom” and said that it didn’t “meet the district’s approved family life and sexuality curriculum.”
• However, it does seem that the school district isn’t totally opposed to the topic of abortion. A statement revealed encouragement for teachers and students to approach difficult concepts in the classroom.
• “Students should have opportunities to discuss controversial issues which have political, social or economic significance and which the students are mature enough to investigate and address,” the statement read.
• The school district’s statement also indicated that chosen topics should “help students understand the biological, psychological, social, moral and ethical aspects of human sexuality.”
• Thomas has yet to be suspended, removed from her position, or reprimanded, but the district is expected to continue investigating over the coming weeks.