Patriotic Americans Causing a Major Uproar on Facebook

Please Change Your American Flag Profile Photo on Facebook Again This Year
Please Change Your American Flag Profile Photo on Facebook Again This Year

Active duty Air Force Pilot Major Tony Weedn caused a major uproar on Facebook by creating a simple little patriotic app and more than a million people shared it.
Tony created a simple way to show a little American spirit by adding a transparent American Flag overlay to your Facebook profile with just a couple clicks. What happened next was nuts.
More than 100 different countries started using Tony’s software to display their own flag on Facebook. The American Flag app users fell behind France, Belgium and Morocco! Tony decided something needed to be done about that.
Major Weedn was interviewed on Fox News and several other news outlets to tell the story behind, his popular Facebook app, and he’s just redesigned the app to help Children who have been impacted by terrorism.
Major Weedn will be leaving the Air Force on July 4th of this year and he’s challenging at least ten million Americans to fly the American Flag profile overlay which helps raise money for “Tuesday’s Children,” the non-profit who’s helping children who have been impacted by terrorism and traumatic losses.
Tony believes more than ten million Americans will use and share the free app and he’s challenging at least one million Americans to donate $5 to Tuesday’s Children.
Unitedvoice has agreed to help promote the cause and we invite you to join us. Imagine 10 million Americans displaying the American Flag on Facebook. The publicity could result in millions of dollars in contributions and collected funds helping the children.
Thank you for your service Major Weedn and count us in for at least $5 each!
To freely use the American Flag profile overlay on Facebook, click here