Paul Pelosi Gets 3 Years Probation

Paul Pelosi Gets 3 Years Probation

Pelosi Pleads GUILTY – Major Development!

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband, Paul Pelosi, pleaded guilty to charges related to his infamous car crash and subsequent arrest in May. Superior Court Judge Joseph Solga sentenced him to three years of probation, along with a shift of community service and a slew of fines and restitution.

Pelosi, who didn’t attend the sentencing, previously spent two days in jail and received standard good behavior credits for two more, leaving one day on the state’s mandatory five days of incarceration. The 8-hour shift of court-ordered work will repay that debt.

The court also ordered Pelosi to attend a 3-month drinking driver course and install an interlocking device on his car. The mechanism stops the vehicle from starting if the operator blows an alcohol level above the legal limit. Fines also stacked up fast, topping out at almost $7,000, with the bulk of that going to the victim for restitution and medical bills.

The case began when Pelosi crashed his Porsche into an SUV while cruising through wine country. He handed authorities his license and a donor card for a police organization, blew a .082 on the breathalyzer, and went to jail. The Speaker wasn’t present for any part of the ordeal.

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