Pelosi Calls for SCOTUS Term Limits Despite Being in DC for Decades

Pelosi Calls for SCOTUS Term Limits Despite Being in DC for Decades

( – Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) served as speaker of the House from 2007 to 2011, then again from 2019 to 2023. In all those years, she never put a bill forward to limit the terms of Supreme Court justices. Suddenly, the congresswoman believes that’s what should happen.

On June 25, Pelosi appeared on the former White House press secretary’s MSNBC’s show, “Inside with Jen Pskai.” During her appearance, she said she believes there “certainly should be term limits” for the SCOTUS justices. She went on to say that those who sit on the bench are free from accountability when it comes to ethics violations, and they are in their position for life after never having “run for office.”

Pelosi’s remarks came after a series of bombshell reports by ProPublica exposed potentially unethical behavior by Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Both justices accepted travel arrangements from billionaires who later had interests before the court. Neither man reported the travel on financial disclosure forms. In Thomas’ case, his billionaire friend also paid thousands of dollars every month for tuition for a kid the justice is raising as his own. The former speaker called it “shameful” how the duo has been “cavalier about their violations of what would be expected” of officials in their positions.

When Pelosi was House speaker in 2020, Democrat Ro Khanna (CA) introduced a bill to impose term limits on the Supreme Court, but it never even made it out of committee.

Pelosi’s remarks came on the first anniversary of the Dobbs decision that reversed federal protections for abortions. States across the country have severely curtailed the procedure. After the decision, calls from Democrats to punish the conservative-majority Supreme Court spread. Lawmakers have talked about expanding the court or limiting the justices’ terms.

It’s worth noting that Democrats were not calling for these reforms when the court leaned to the Left and rulings were going their way.

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