Pelosi Demands Debates Be Cancelled

Pelosi Demands Debates Be Cancelled

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) can’t help herself. With every passing day, she seems to become more unhinged. In January, Pelosi ripped President Trump’s State of the Union speech transcript on live TV just feet away from him.

Of late, she’s holding America’s relief bills hostage until she gets what she wants from the Republican-led Senate and the White House. Now, she’s taken it a step further.

According to Pelosi, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden shouldn’t debate Trump this fall.

The House speaker stated she doesn’t believe the president has offered anything truthful or factual. If that’s so, then wouldn’t it benefit Biden to debate Trump and expose it? It seems Pelosi is arguing for why they should meet.

Instead, she says she’s advocating for a separate appearance by the campaign to answer questions about their policies. However, that could present problems of its own if a candidate can’t contrast the issues, or worse yet, ask the other candidate or a question the moderator refuses to ask out of a perceived bias.

Pelosi’s statement comes off the heel of Trump’s concern that Biden may be taking a drug to increase his mental performance. On Wednesday, August 26, Trump said the former vice president’s debate performance was markedly better than previous ones.

The president questioned how Biden was incompetent in previous debates, and suddenly, he does well. He called for a drug test to ensure fairness.

The debates are opportunities for voters to make one final decision about who’s their best choice. Sometimes, a candidate can say the wrong thing and stumble, or say what he or she really means to say that’s not in alignment with the majority of voters.

Either way, it allows for a contrast of ideas. If it’s nothing else, it’s good old-fashioned theater.

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