Pelosi Exposes Real Reason for Craving Impeachment

Pelosi Exposes Real Reason for Craving Impeachment

( – Time and reflection can change a perspective on a current event. For example, President Trump was widely condemned for words he used in a speech last Wednesday before riots broke out on Capitol Hill. However, a closer examination reveals that it’s an overreach to blame the president for the actions of a few bad actors who spiraled America into a game of our rioters are better than your rioters.

So, why all the inflammatory speeches about impeachment and name-calling coming from the Democrats and establishment Republicans? They claim Trump is guilty of inciting an insurrection. However, is that really what they think?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was actually truthful enough to tell Americans on Sunday evening.

What Did President Trump Really Say?

According to the fact-checking website Snopes (which typically leans left), the president never told anyone to explicitly “storm,” “breach,” or “break into” the Capitol building. They do say some of his language was subjective. But was it? Demanding Congress do the right thing and asking them to “show strength” was not meant as a call to riot or protest by the president. It was a call for moral courage to do what the president believed was the right thing.

It’s Not About the Riot

For four years, the Democrats and establishment Republicans looked for a way to remove President Trump from office. From the day Trump first came down the elevator in June 2015, he was labeled “dangerous” by those threatened by his message. In unambiguous terms, Trump said the politicians let Americans down by putting other people’s interests ahead of theirs.

For that, he was harassed for three years as Congress spent billions on the fake Russia collusion hoax. Trump staff, cabinet members and supporters were publicly harassed. Then he was impeached, followed by overreach and shutdowns during COVID-19. Still, nearly 75 million Americans voted for Trump in November.

What Are the Latest Threats About?

On 60 Minutes, Pelosi finally gave in and told America the truth. Democrats want to send a loud and clear message. Not only should Trump never run for office again, but also no one should ever again like or support him.

Now that we’ve gotten the truth out of the way, it’s clear that Democrats were aiming for this all along. They tried to damage him repeatedly, to separate from his voters, and it didn’t work. Now, they have the support from enough Republican leaders to put words in Trump’s mouth. Pelosi got caught playing politics to frame Trump with the pandemic by 60 Minutes reporter Leslie Stahl. Why is this any different?

Instead of ensuring justice is done by those who broke the law, Pelosi weaponizes a “snap” impeachment. It could destroy institutional norms, and most importantly, create a dangerous precedent.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to Democrats intent on a divisive and reckless agenda.

More on the “snap” impeachment precedent to come. Check back soon.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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