Pelosi Finally Ready to Send Articles of Impeachment

Pelosi Finally Ready to Send Articles of Impeachment

( — After weeks of delays, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday that the Senate will receive the articles of impeachment against President Trump next week.

In a letter, Pelosi said that she will ask the Judiciary Committee to draft a resolution that will name the House managers. Those are the people who will act as the prosecutors during the Senate trial.

Many Republicans are rejoicing in the fact that Pelosi is giving up her ridiculous demands, including House Republican Steve Scalise.

Some Dems are coming to Pelosi’s defense, saying her delay tactics were successful because senators have agreed to face questions about witnesses and must-hear a series of reports on Trump’s interactions with Ukraine.

We join many Americans who will be glad to see this farce over and done with once and for all. We will keep you updated on the process.

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