Pelosi is Frustrated, Defeated, and Unhinged – And Helping Trump

Pelosi is Frustrated, Defeated, and Unhinged - And Helping Trump

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has appeared frustrated, defeated and unhinged since Tuesday night’s state of the union. Sitting behind President Trump, her emotions got the best of her throughout the message.

At one point she even prepared tear marks in the middle of her copy of the speech. As Trump concluded his message, Pelosi disgracefully ripped her copy for all to see just feet away from the president.

The Speaker’s unhinged spectacle is a first. Tensions between Pelosi and Trump have been rising over the last six months thanks in large part to Pelosi’s impeachment failure.

Pelosi has been ignoring her usually good political instincts. She gave in to the far-left factions of her party that have been clamoring for impeachment since the day Trump was inaugurated.

In March 2019, she said that impeachment was a bad idea unless there was “something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan.” She further said that it would only serve to divide the country.

She was right on all accounts.

Pelosi knew better, and now she’s having a temper tantrum. She gave in to the far-left. Now Democrats risk losing the House to Republicans, and she is directly helping re-elect Trump in November.

The Real Root of Pelosi’s Frustration

Behind closed doors, Pelosi is expressing disgust at Trump and his message. She said Wednesday in a private meeting with Democrats, “I couldn’t find one page I could spare that didn’t have a lie on it.”

The reality is that there’s probably something else that she is mad at. Pelosi is likely more mad at herself and her fellow Democrats. She has been outmaneuvered for a year by Trump and now the Senate has acquitted him.

The Mueller report was a dud, and she miscalculated on holding the impeachment from the Senate for a month after claiming it had to be done quickly to protect the country. As a result, Trump’s poll numbers have risen to an all-time high.

A Gallup poll released this week shows Trump’s approval rating at 49%, and 50% of registered voters said Trump should be re-elected. Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll on Wednesday had Trump at a 48% approval rating.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

The Democrats and Pelosi have given Trump and the Republicans all the momentum.

In spite of everything the Democrats have thrown at Trump, including the kitchen sink, nothing has worked.

To make matters worse, Trump has stolen parts of the Democratic platform and made it his own… and there isn’t anything the Democrats or Pelosi can do about it.

What Do Democrats Have to Show for the Last Year?

Moderate Democrats won in the 2018 midterms by promising to fix healthcare.

What healthcare legislation have the Democrats proposed or introduced?


What Pelosi has managed to do is mire Democrats in pointless investigations of Trump in order to satisfy the far-left at the expense of the party. They have sought out a crime that didn’t exist and impeached a president on the vaguest of terms that could put any president in hot water.

If Iowa is any indicator, what the Democrats have managed to do is turn off independents and energize Trump’s base. Gallup says that Republican support for the president is at 94% and independent’s approval of the president is up 5% to 42%.

That’s a disaster for Democrats if those polls hold up through the summer and fall.

All Pelosi has to show for the last year is failure, and she knows it.

What’s Next?

Now that the investigations and impeachment have failed, the Democrats are standing at a fork in the road.

What direction will they take?

Will Democrats continue with investigations, or will they focus on policy issues in hopes of recovering their reputation and showing voters that Congress is doing something on their behalf?

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) said he would like to continue investigating Trump.

I wonder, what does Pelosi think about that now?

Perhaps the far-left wing of the Democratic party is the root of Pelosi’s frustration and defeat?

She doesn’t have many viable options right now as the presidential primaries are underway.

If Iowa is any indication, the Democrats may be in trouble. Reports suggest that turnout was very low among Democrats. At a time when Democrats are supposedly energized to defeat Trump, enthusiasm is low… how can that be?

However, Trump supporters showed up to the caucuses in a record turnout.

Pelosi has managed to do for Republicans what she can’t do for Democrats… turn out voters.

That ought to make her feel frustrated and defeated.

The good news for Democrats is that nine months is a lifetime in politics. We’ll see if Pelosi and the Democrats can turn it around?

With the missteps of the last year and deep divisions in the Democratic party between the far-left and moderates, I doubt they can.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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