Pelosi Loses Patience, Refers to Moderates as ‘Children’

Pelosi Loses Patience, Refers to Moderates as

( – As the world watches the horrifying Afghanistan situation unfold, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was focused on her own agenda. She expressed frustration at groups from both parties who threaten to block her entire plan. On Tuesday, August 17, Problems Solvers Caucus co-chairman Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) warned Pelosi she doesn’t have the votes to block the bipartisan infrastructure bill on the House floor. A group of nine Moderate Democrats are squeezing the speaker hard and intend to force her hand.

In June, the Left threatened the Senate bipartisan legislation after demanding it must accompany the $3.5 trillion partisan push to transform America into the Left’s image. During a Monday evening call with Democratic House leadership, Pelosi resorted to strong-arm tactics with Moderates in her party. The move is dangerous as Democrats can only lose three votes in the House. It’s becoming a game of chicken. The question is, who will blink first?

Pelosi Resorts to Insulting Democratic Moderates

The real Nancy Pelosi is coming out to play as she takes off the gloves. During the Monday night call, the Speaker cracked as she demonstrated how she’s losing patience with her colleagues who threaten her far-left agenda. Instead of trying to find a way to compromise, Pelosi is buckling down.

What the Speaker really did was put failure on the table. It’s unsurprising and very expected the top House Congressional Democrat would eventually erupt in frustration. Pelosi attacked the Moderates by referring to them as “amateur hour.” It didn’t stop there as she also called their bluff. In a show of defiance, it appears the House leadership will hold back the bipartisan infrastructure deal and put the reconciliation budget proposal before the House.

So, Pelosi wants to dare the Centrists to vote “no” while insulting those who have the greatest leverage over her favored plan. The Speaker stated, “For the first time, America’s children have leverage. I will not surrender that leverage.”

How will Pelosi’s strong-arm tactics sit with middle-of-the-road Democrats who insist an up or down vote must take place before the reconciliation go-it-alone bill? Some senior Democrats think a few of them will flip within the next week. Why? Because the leadership would likely bribe them by cutting backroom deals. Still, it may not be enough if more than three Moderate Democrats stick together.

GOP and the Far-Left Add Leverage to the Game

Fitzpatrick added a lot of GOP leverage for the Centrist Democrats. He stated if the House votes on the bipartisan infrastructure deal without any conditions, many House Republicans will vote for the bill. If the House GOP gets on board, the Left will not have the votes to stop it, and there goes the far-Left’s leverage.

The pressure is on as Pelosi calls the House back into session early from its summer recess. Insulting members of Congress isn’t likely to do the Speaker any favors. Both sides appear to be firm in their resolve. If that’s the case, then neither bill may pass the House.

Stay tuned. There are many moving political parts as the Democratic leadership tries to stranglehold its way to a victory. It could get interesting if you love political theater.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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