Pelosi Moving Forward With Erasing History

Pelosi Moving Forward With Erasing History

( – History is a subject children learn in school all the way up to college where degrees are achieved. If history is censored or removed, soon entire topics will be redacted from it. Historic statues have recently been vandalized and forcibly taken down, what could be next?

Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to House Clerk, Cheryl Johnson to request “the immediate removal of the portraits in the US Capitol of four previous Speakers who served in the Confederacy.” This is an apparent tribute to “Juneteenth,” or June 19th, the end of slavery.

The full letter is available here.

Nancy Pelosi has been attempting to do more than remove historical landmarks and portraits. On June 18th she unveiled her “Moving Forward Act,” which aims to “rebuild the infrastructure of America.” The original Tweet unveiling the act has already received huge backlash on Twitter.

The Left will never quit using hurtful times in history and people of color as pawns in a sick game. Nancy Pelosi is attempting to set America back years of tolerance and improvement with her destruction of history. Not all is known about her new Moving Forward Act, or if it is capable of bigger or worse.

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