Pelosi Picks Impeachment Panel

Pelosi Picks Impeachment Panel

( – Nancy Pelosi finally sent the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Now we have our first glimpse of the seven Democrats who’ll be serving as managers at the trial.

The managers chosen are:

  • Adam Schiff — California, as lead manager
  • Jerry Nadler — New York
  • Zoe Lofgren — California
  • Sylvia Garcia — Texas
  • Hakeem Jeffries — New York
  • Val Demings — Florida
  • Jason Crow — Colorado

Each of the managers chosen has a background that Pelosi feels makes them qualified for the job. Many of them are lawyers, Demings is a former police chief and Lofgren was a House member during Bill Clinton’s impeachment and served on the House Judiciary Committee when Nixon was impeached. Schiff was chosen as the lead manager because of his history as a federal prosecutor.

House managers will essentially act as prosecutors during the Senate trial. They’ll respond to arguments, answer questions and present evidence.

It’s almost time for the impeachment trial to kick off and we’ll keep you updated along the way.

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