Pelosi Says She Doesn’t Know Where Crime Is Coming From?

Pelosi Says She Doesn't Know Where Crime Is Coming From?

( – Crime in major cities has been on the rise over the last several years. After Democrats undermined police and defunded them in 2020, the problem only got worse in 2021. Over the last six months, brazen criminals began catching headlines. It started when rogue lawbreakers entered retail stores with garbage bags, clearing entire shelves, and then walking out with the loot as patrons and employees looked on helplessly.

In recent weeks, things escalated from individuals stealing from Walgreens to organized crime thugs raiding high-end retail stores. In November, 80 thieves coordinated to hit a San Francisco-area Nordstrom’s and drove off in 24 cars with approximately $200,000 in stolen goods. The worst part is, it’s happening all over the country. On Wednesday, December 15, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who’s from San Francisco, said she couldn’t explain where the crime is coming from. Really?

Did Nancy Just Say That?

During her weekly press conference on Wednesday, Pelosi blasted what she called an attitude of lawlessness pervading America. The Speaker said the crime wave needed to stop. Then, she paused and stated she didn’t know where it springs from… all she knows is it can’t be allowed to go on any further.

How can someone supposedly so intelligent either be so naïve or dumb? Frankly, she’s neither. Pelosi knows exactly what’s going on but can’t say it. As the third highest-ranking elected official in America, she can’t call out her fellow Democrats for the obvious. It’ll be political folly for the late-night shows and destroy the Democratic base for aligning with a key GOP message.

The truth? The massive crime spikes are largely in big Democratic-led cities. Leaders refuse to acknowledge the problem, blame police as the culprits, defund them, and then institute bail reform laws putting the bad guys back on the streets within hours of committing crimes.

What did political leaders expect would happen?

Did they think criminals would welcome the honor system?

Are Democrats Waking Up?

It may be too little, too late after their one-year experiment failed horribly. San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) said enough is enough after a year of home break-ins and other crimes took the city hostage. The smash-and-grabs were the final straw. Do you know why? Because businesses have had enough. No amount of non-gun carrying security officers can stop 80 gun-carrying criminals and 24 getaway cars.

Breed said the criminal destruction of the city needed to end. She said the city is prepared to step up with aggressive law enforcement measures that are less tolerant of the nonsense destroying the city. Well, that’s all good; but if the city hadn’t instituted left-wing measures to begin with, the problem never would have grown out of control.

It was a Democrat-made issue, and Democratic voters don’t see it. They are likely to praise the Left for taking leadership and stepping up to solve a problem their worldview caused in the first place.

The irony is too great to ignore.

While Breed may be ready to concede terrible far-left policies led to the crime surge, others are not. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) is blaming businesses for getting robbed in her city. They just shouldn’t be selling anything, and then there wouldn’t be any crime. That, or lock everything up all the time so consumers can’t see, touch, or feel what they’re considering purchasing. That’s her attitude.

In New York City, outgoing far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) doesn’t believe there’s a problem at all despite the police reports. No kidding. He said the city is safer now than when he found it eight years ago.

These mayors and city councils created political nightmares for Congressional Democrats who are powerless to do anything about city laws or lack of enforcement. The truth is some Democrats in Congress don’t even want jails for bad guys. So, until the grown-ups start taking control of the Democratic Party, the GOP is more than willing to stand in the gap and remind the country their cities are safe and open for business.

It’s just one more powerful issue Republicans can seize on in the 2022 midterm elections, and Democrats have no one to blame but themselves.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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