Pence Calls on Congress to Act Quickly

Vice President Mike Pence is appealing to Democrats this week, imploring them to vote in favor of the proposed-yet-controversial U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Pence believes the agreement will play a critical role in healing the US economy and correcting NAFTA’s deficiencies.
He has a significant challenge ahead of him. House Democrats remain mostly against the agreement, citing a $78 billion U.S. trade deficit with Mexico and lackluster enforcement of key elements as proof the USMCA isn’t beneficial.
Or are they just refusing because it’s coming from Trump?

Key Points

  • Speaking to an audience in Jacksonville, Florida, Pence said, “The president has done his job. It’s time for the Congress to do its job and pass the USMCA this summer.”
  • “I’m here to ask for your help,” he added. “We can’t afford for Congress to do nothing. We need Congress to approve the USMCA this summer to keep America growing.”
  • Right now, nearly everyone is in favor of the agreement with the exception of a handful of Democrats in the House and Congress. Without their support, the vote cannot move forward, leaving the process in limbo.
  • Pence didn’t address these concerns at the Jacksonville event. But he did reflect on the fact that passing the USMCA would carry far more benefit than risk, aiding America in restoring multiple industries.,
  • The VP also took a moment to outline similar successes, including the removal of Canada’s retaliatory duties on US agricultural products (like milk, wheat, and corn). “Our great farmers can begin doing business again in Canada and Mexico,” he explained. “The retaliatory tariffs are gone. It’s a big deal.”

Is the USMCA the next logical step in empowering US industries? Or do you feel House Democrats are right to be concerned about signing the agreement?
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