Pence Exposes Biden Blind Spot

Pence Exposes Biden Blind Spot

( – On Wednesday night, August 26, Vice President Mike Pence gave a rousing acceptance speech before an energized crowd at Fort McHenry, the birthplace of the national anthem. Systematically, the vice president put Democratic nominee Joe Biden on the defensive and is forcing him out of the basement as the former vice president attempts to hold together the moderate and far-left wings of the Democratic Party. As he does so, it appears he’s developed a blind spot.


In last week’s Democratic National Convention (DNC), Democrats refused to address the violence in cities led by Democratic mayors and city councils in the wake of social justice and police brutality issues. Instead of confronting the violence, Democrats said peaceful protests shouldn’t be discouraged without mentioning the chaos, destruction, and loss of lives.

Instead of focusing on safety, security, and creating opportunities for Americans, Democrats united around bashing Trump. Some in the media are now saying that Democrats may have made a critical error and opened the door to damaging attacks by Republicans.

Coming out of the DNC, Trump’s approval rating rose significantly to 51%. It’s the first time in the modern era an opposing candidate increased his approval ratings immediately after the opposing party’s national convention.

Pence Calls Biden an Enabler of Riots

On Wednesday night, the vice president painted a picture of Biden as an enabler of the rioters. He said that Biden is a “Trojan horse for the radical left.” Pence also warned that Americans would not be safe in Joe Biden’s America.

Hinting at the “defund the police” movement among the far left of the Democratic Party, Pence said that the administration will stand with those who support the police and that they will never defund them. In direct contrast to Biden and in straightforward words, the vice president said the violence must stop.

Even NBC and CNN Are Calling Out Biden

Sensing that Trump is picking up momentum, Democrats and liberal media pundits are starting to express concern that Biden gave Trump an unnecessary opening. On Tuesday, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd said the Biden campaign is concerned Trump is over-performing with black men as the president focuses on criminal justice reform and his response to riots in urban communities.

As Biden remained silent about the violence and riots across the country, CNN liberal host Don Lemon called him out. Lemon said Biden might be hoping the problem just goes away and expressed concern that he’s afraid the Democratic nominee won’t confront the rioters. The host stressed Biden had no choice, and that he has to speak up.

Lemon, the same commentator who loves to bash Trump, mentioned the president’s rising poll numbers and seemed to be placing the blame on Sleepy Joe’s unwillingness to demand that riots stop as Trump’s momentum in polls grows.

Biden Finally Responds

Biden was quickly forced on to the defensive over the non-stop, escalating violence. Ahead of Pence’s speech on Wednesday, Biden finally released his first public statement in a Twitter video. Note that his main point is focused on the shooting and how it makes him sick instead of outright condemning the resulting violence.

The question is: did Biden wait too long, was he clear enough to neutralize Republicans, and is the damage to his campaign baked in?

Trump’s campaign will continue to make the case that he is the law and order candidate. Additionally, the campaign will continue to make the case that Biden is a puppet of the far left who is too scared to make a stand against them.

So far, the Republican strategy is working to Trump’s advantage.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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