Pence Says Americans Have a Right to Know About Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings

Pence Says Americans Have a Right to Know About Hunter Biden's Business Dealings

( – On October 14, the New York Post published an exposé about Hunter Biden that sent shockwaves around the country. The article detailed alleged emails from former Vice President Joe Biden’s son detailing his business dealings in Ukraine. Social media companies started throttling the story as it spread like wildfire. Now, Vice President Mike Pence is speaking out about the scandal.

During an October 20 interview on Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Pence said Biden should respond to questions about his family’s business dealings. The VP explained the “American people have a right to know” what’s going on, especially in light of the director of National Intelligence saying the alleged emails were not part of a disinformation campaign.

The irony is every time there’s a whiff of a scandal related to President Trump, the media jumps on it. Now, they’re working to discredit a legitimate issue with the Biden family. Why is that? Do they want to protect him? What does he have to hide?

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