Pence Says Trump Should Never Be President

Pence Says Trump Should Never Be President

( – US Attorney Jack Smith announced former President Donald Trump was indicted by another federal grand jury. The indictment is related to alleged crimes committed after the 2020 election. Trump’s former vice president condemned him in a statement after the country learned the news.

On August 1, US Attorney Jack Smith announced a four-count grand jury indictment against former President Donald Trump. He’s facing charges of obstruction and attempting to defraud the United States. After the announcement, former Vice President Mike Pence released a statement on X, formerly Twitter, slamming Trump by saying the indictment was a reminder that “anyone who puts himself over the Constitution” shouldn’t ever be POTUS.

In a follow-up post, Pence went on to say Trump is “entitled to the presumption of innocence” but called his candidacy a distraction.

The next day, the former vice president was interviewed on Fox News. He said Trump and his “gaggle of crackpot lawyers” asked him not to certify the Electoral College votes on January 6, 2021. The idea was that by not certifying, Pence, who was president of the Senate as VP, would have handed the election win to Trump. The former veep rejected that, maintaining he didn’t have the constitutional authority to do so.

Trump responded to the remarks made by Pence on Truth Social. He said he felt bad for his former vice president because he hasn’t attracted any “crowds, enthusiasm, or loyalty” from the American people. The former president accused his opponent in the GOP primary race of not fighting for election integrity. Trump once again insisted that Pence could have handed him the election win.

Pence reportedly took notes during his conversations with former President Trump after the election in 2020 and in the lead-up to January 6. The US attorney is now using those notes.

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