Pence’s NH Trip, Budget Deal, Dems and the Border Crisis

Pence’s NH Trip, Budget Deal, Dems and the Border Crisis

Pence’s Canceled NH Trip

Fox News just dropped a bombshell: the real reason Vice President Pence had to cancel his July 2 trip to New Hampshire. Former New York Giants player, Jeff Hatch, was working at the treatment center Pence intended to visit.

A DEA-led investigation recently revealed Hatch illegally smuggled illicit Fentanyl across state borders between Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The White House allegedly had concerns about Pence spending time in the presence of someone who was under federal investigation – a potential conflict of interest that might interfere with the DEA’s case.

Budget Deal Reached

The White House and Congressional leaders have finally made a deal allowing the government to suspend the debt limit until 2021.

This agreement prevents automatic spending cuts and adds more money for domestic issues. It also effectively removes the threat of a sequester, increases funding for the opioid epidemic, and expands 2020 Census funding by approximately $2.5 billion.

Democrats Don’t Want Solutions

Representative Dan Crenshaw spoke out about the border crisis during an interview with Fox & Friends this week. The former United States Navy SEAL stated that Democrats (specifically AOC) just want to “add fuel to the fire” so they can make Trump look evil.

Crenshaw has a point. He spoke about the Dems actually liking the crisis at the border, adding “I’m worried as I’ve seen them fight against every single, even the smallest measures to help fix our immigration problem, they fight against. They don’t want walls. They don’t want a fix to the asylum loopholes. They’re talking about decriminalizing illegal border crossings.”

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