Pentagon Dodges 9/11-Esque Disaster

Pentagon Dodges 9/11-Esque Disaster

( – America has already seen an attack on the Pentagon during 9/11. Just this week, the Pentagon narrowly avoided a similar catastrophe. Thankfully, no one was hurt this time.

According to police reports, Matthew Richardson, age 19, was arrested for attempting to blow up an SUV, and himself, in a Pentagon parking lot.

Richardson was confronted by a Pentagon police officer as he was holding a cigarette lighter next to some fabric stuffed into the gas tank of the vehicle. During the altercation, the man said that he was going to “blow this vehicle up,” including himself. Instead, he escaped on foot for nearly an hour before he was detained by authorities.

A further investigation into Richardson’s situation revealed that he was due to appear in court on charges of assaulting police officers. Richardson had the court papers on him during the event.

If convicted of attempting to set a car on fire he faces a minimum 5-year prison sentence.

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