Pentagon Funding Blocked over Border Wall

Pentagon Funding Blocked over Border Wall

On Wednesday, October 30th, the Senate passed $209 billion in bipartisan spending bills as an attempt to prevent another government shutdown in the coming months. Although the Dems and Republicans were willing to compromise on some things, the Democrats continued to throw a tantrum over border wall spending.

Senators on the Left filibustered a $695 billion bill to fund the Pentagon because they don’t want President Trump to divert any of the money away to continue building the border wall.

When asked about the filibuster, Sen. Patrick Leahy said:

“This delay is because they insist on including in this bill authority for President Trump to raid American tax dollars from our military, money that is intended for specific military priorities, to pay for his wall, which he promised that Mexico would pay for. And that is unacceptable.”

The White House wants $5 billion for the wall budget and to keep the ability to transfer money from the Pentagon budget as well. So far it seems like neither side is willing to budge.

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