Pentagon Missile Test, Planned Parenthood, and Payroll Tax Cuts

US Military Tests New Tomahawk Missile

The Pentagon has confirmed that the US military conducted a missile test recently. The missile, identified as a Navy Tomahawk, was launched from San Nicolas Island and struck a target just over 310 miles away. This successful launch is the first of its kind in nearly 30 years.

Tomahawks were banned as part of a Cold War-era treaty between Russia and the United States. The US formally withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in August of this year since Russia had been violating the treaty for years. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said: “The United States will not remain party to a treaty that is deliberately violated by Russia.”

Russia developed a missile system that was prohibited under the treaty. Vladimir Putin, of course, was immediately incensed when America withdrew from the already failed agreement. He stated that Russia intends to monitor the US for transgressions and will respond if the US military develops or deploys new missiles.

Planned Parenthood Gives up Federal Funds

Planned Parenthood has withdrawn from the federal family planning program known as Title X, which provides birth control and various health services to low-income women. The Trump administration established a new rule that revoked funding for organizations who referred patients to abortion doctors.

The pro-abortion organization received about $60 million each year through Title X and helped about 1.5 million women receive pregnancy-related services.

Planned Parenthood attempted to convince Americans that they rarely perform abortions and care more about health care for women. If that’s true, then why would they give up funding that helps so many people? Planned Parenthood is trying to say that they have been “forced out,” but they withdrew of their own volition.

The choice Planned Parenthood is making shows just how important abortions are to them, and how little they actually care about women receiving appropriate health care.

White House Denies Payroll Tax Cut

The Washington Post reported on Monday that Trump administration officials are considering a payroll tax cut to help boost the economy.

At least one White House official is denying this report. “As Larry Kudlow said yesterday, more tax cuts for the American people are certainly on the table, but cutting payroll taxes is not something under consideration at this time,” the official said.

Trump rightly points out that the economy is performing incredibly thanks to policies he’s already enacted.

As they’ve been doing for weeks now, Democrats and fake news outlets continue to push the idea that our country is headed into a recession. As President Trump has pointed out, this is simply a smear campaign to boost Democrat votes for the 2020 election.

Payroll tax cuts are often used as a way to boost consumer spending, but the numbers show that this action isn’t necessary. Retail sales surged in July, so there’s no need for undue federal regulation. Obviously, Trump knows exactly what he’s doing.

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