Period Supplies Aren’t Just for Women and More Insanity

Period Supplies Aren’t Just for Women and More Insanity

If you miss the good old days, when there were only two genders and you could safely call a pregnant person a woman, you aren’t alone. While most of us are largely unconcerned with what individuals choose to do with their bodies, the past few weeks have exposed a whole new level of insanity.

Procter & Gamble Gives Up the Venus Symbol

Procter & Gamble apparently isn’t willing to “gamble” its profits on something like the symbol for “female.” Last week, the parent company that owns Always — a brand of feminine products used for menstrual periods — made a decision to remove the Venus symbol from all of its packaging. Procter & Gamble has stated that it (like many companies) are in the habit of assessing packaging on a regular basis in an attempt to “meet the needs” of its consumer base.

The goal, of course. Is to be more inclusive and understanding of the challenges the transgender population faces. Procter & Gamble also makes a strong effort to promote autism in management as well as leading campaigns for gender equality. How will women in traditional roles handle this change? We’ll find out once the change is made and the quarterly financial statements are made public.

7-Year-Old Twin Faces Battle Over Gender

James Younger is the name listed on this 7-year-old twin’s birth certificate but he is often referred to as Luna by Dr. Anne Georgulas, his mother. At 7 years old, this child is not only asked to choose a gender but has been the center of a courtroom battle over the issue.

At the age of 3, Younger announced he was a girl, making the statement that set off a public battle between the now-divorced parents. This battle got the nation’s attention when a jury awarded medical decision-making rights solely to Dr. Georgulas and the father, Jeffrey Younger, took to the internet for help. Judge Kim Cooks reversed the decision and gave joint conservatorship to the parents.

For many, the issue seems cut and dried. After all, who lets a 3-year-old follow through with “I am” statements, which can range from superheroes to dinosaurs and apparently, genders? The Left claims Conservatives are using the child to take aim against the transgender community, while the Right claims the Left is using the 7-year-old as a poster child for transphobia. We’re going to give you the actual facts and let you decide for yourself.

  • James/Luna made the statement about being a different gender at the age of three.
  • According to Forbes, Mr. Younger claims that his ex-wife wants to start puberty blockers while the former Mrs. Younger has stated she wants to begin social transitioning, which does not involve puberty blockers.
  • Both parties were issued a gag order concerning the case.
  • Most children are able to identify their birth-gender and begin mimicking gender roles as toddlers.
  • There is heavy debate over whether children mimic gender roles because of their environment or feelings of gender identification.
  • The coordinating twin has not shown any signs of gender dysphoria that have been shared with the public.
  • Part of the original lawsuit includes demands from the mother of pronoun compliance from the father.
  • Both the Left and Right are pushing their respective agendas on this case because it could set a precedent for how gender and gender dysphoria cases in minors are handled in the future.
  • James/Luna has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria by three physicians while appearing to be happy as a boy when with his father.
  • A video has surfaced of James stating that his mother told him he was a girl, again at age 3.

However this case turns out, we can all agree that the young Mr. or Ms. Younger is in for a world of hurt if this is but a small glimpse into the life of the child. Most of us don’t want to manage a line of judgment in the grocery store, much less having your actual identity torn between two feuding parents and political parties. What do you think of this case and what it says for the future generations of this nation? Let us know in the comments!

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