Permitless Concealed Carry to Become Legal in Ohio

Permitless Concealed Carry to Become Legal in Ohio

( – Around the country, the right of citizens to carry a gun has been gaining traction. It’s not often discussed in national politics, as Democrats and their allies in the media continue to advocate for tighter gun control laws. There are currently 22 states that have permitless, also known as constitutional, gun-carry laws. In June, Ohio will become the 23rd state to allow permitless concealed carry in the country.

On Monday, March 14, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) signed Senate Bill 215 into law. It will allow adults 21-years-of-age or older to legally carry a concealed gun without a permit unless state or federal law prohibits them. The law will take effect in 3 months, and advocates hailed the new legislation as a significant 2nd Amendment victory.

What Does the New Law Include?

There are several substantial changes to Ohio law regarding the concealed carry of a gun. First, there’s the obvious. If you want to own a firearm as an Ohio resident, you will no longer be required to obtain a permit to carry it concealed. Several other provisions have agitated Democratic and anti-gun groups.

The bill’s advocates say the 2nd Amendment doesn’t place restrictions on gun ownership, and neither should state law. Under the current law, one must finish eight hours of training on gun use before applying for a concealed use permit. In addition, to acquire a concealed use permit, applicants must pass a federal background check. Those requirements no longer exist under the new law.

Additionally, the existing state law requires citizens to disclose to police whether they have a concealed carry permit and a gun in their vehicle during a traffic stop. The new law also eliminated that requirement. However, if an officer asks if a firearm is present, the driver must comply with the request and answer the question truthfully.

Ohio and 22 other states oppose gun laws in progressive states like New York. In November, the US Supreme Court heard a case involving that state’s proper cause gun law. The law requires anyone who wants to carry a concealed gun to demonstrate a good reason or special need to defend themselves. The Court will decide the case sometime this spring. Most of the Justices appeared skeptical of the law during oral arguments.

Citizens Encouraged to Apply for Permits

Ohio won’t require citizens to apply for a concealed carry permit in Ohio, but they may want to consider it if they plan to take their guns across state lines. States may honor concealed carry permits. Plus, having a permit and a federal background check expedites the gun purchasing process. Those with background checks and permits can circumvent redundant background check processes.

Ohio may not be the last state to change its conceal carry law to make it easier for gun owners to use their 2nd Amendment rights. The Indiana legislature passed a law similar to Ohio’s recently. It’s at Gov. Eric Holcomb’s (R) desk, awaiting his signature. The only difference in the law is the age requirement. Instead of 21, Indiana will allow those over 18 to carry a gun without a permit.

Will other states join the movement?

Time will tell.

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