Peter Theil Reveals Key Detail That Could Stop Biden

Peter Theil Reveals Key Detail That Could Stop Biden

( – PayPal founder Peter Thiel is a long-time Republican donor. He invested millions of dollars pushing the MAGA movement in the 2022 elections. In a recent interview, the tech billionaire spoke out against President Joe Biden, saying what he really feels about the 46th POTUS.

On Wednesday, February 15, Thiel joined conservative host Hugh Hewitt on his radio show. The two spoke about the issues with TikTok and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) using the social media platform as a weapon against the US. Eventually, this led to a larger conversation about how the government is responding to the threat. Thiel told the radio host that he believes “Biden was the Manchurian candidate” in the 2020 race.

The billionaire explained that he believes both parties are co-opted. He thinks Democrats are co-opted by universities and Hollywood; for Republicans, it is big business, and they aren’t “supposed to be rude and question China too much” when there are quarterly earning cycles to consider. Thiel pointed out that’s what makes the problems with cracking down on the CCP “multidimensional.”

However, Thiel said the Biden administration was “the worst possible people for the US getting tough on China.” He told Hewitt he thinks Elizabeth Warren, one of the most progressive lawmakers in America, would have been “tougher on China than Biden.”

In the future, Thiel said he believes China and the US will be more evenly matched. Though there is some concern the communist nation will overtake America economically, he thinks other countries will start uniting against China because they are afraid. He gave examples of Japan, Vietnam, and Australia as countries that were once pro-China but have now flipped. So, that makes Thiel pretty certain the country won’t “overtake the whole world.”

Though he doesn’t believe China will overtake the US, he made it clear in the interview that America needs a strong leader to go up against the Asian nation. And — he doesn’t think Biden is up to the task.

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