Pick Your Poison America… (It's Trump or War)

Pick Your Poison America... (It's Trump or War)
Pick Your Poison America... (It's Trump or War)

It will be remembered as one of the biggest stories of the 2016 election. Donald Trump was “exposed” on Friday in a leaked, hot-mic video from 2005 where he gave a reporter a little “overview” of some of the sexually explicit things he “said” he liked to do to women. Revolting words to many. After the nuclear media explosion, even supporters were jumping ship and calling for his head, including many top Republican leaders.
Just this week, Wikileaks produced 30,000 of Hillary’s private emails that many believe demonstrate levels of corruption beyond imagination, while the international activist hacker organization, “Anonymous,” claim they will release shocking video evidence that will burry the Clintons over the coming weeks. But you won’t see this in mainstream news. Why? Do the Clintons control the news we are allowed to see?
Vladimir Putin, in a videotaped conference with a group of international journalists, came out with a dire warning that the US is on an offensive path to World War III and he’s concerned that US citizens are not even aware. He stated that we are on an irreversible path of destruction and should be very afraid–yet the elitist controlled Western media focuses on relatively harmless sex scandals while refusing to air or even mention Putin’s vision of doom. As Putin predicts (and several reputable US analysts now agree); a vote for Hillary is a vote for world war.
So, what do we as voters do now?
So much for putting forth the “best” from amongst us to represent and lead. Now, we are faced with a choice two despicables, betting that the one we choose will do the least amount of damage to our beloved country. Sad.
When you think about it in terms of the fate of the world, Trump’s locker-room talk seems G-rated in contrast to the Clintons wake of corruption. No matter how much you deplore Trump’s behavior, past and present, the alternative is a vote for the worst criminal political corruption our country has ever seen; corruption at a level so unimaginable, they get away with it counting on the fact that we can’t possibly believe it’s true. If you believe the analysts or Putin himself, it would also mean World War III–on US soil. America deserves better, but this the rock and hard place we are stuck between.
To have any hope of stopping the corruption and predicted war on US soil, there’s only one choice and it’s not Clinton. It’s up to us now to decide the future of America. Think long and hard about your choice.