Pinterest Censorship, Sara Huckabee Sander’s New Book and Joe Biden’s Disrespectful Son

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (flowered dress in center) shown in the Oval Office. Photo courtesy of

Pinterest Showing Anti-Conservative Tendencies

Facebook, Twitter and Reddit have been showing a negative bias towards their conservative users. Now, it looks like Pinterest is following suit.

Pinterest is the latest tech company to censor Live Action, a pro-life group, by deleting many of their posts. The justification? Live Action posts have been getting flagged as pornography.

This is real.

Instead of ignoring the massive influx of false reports from users, Pinterest decided to ban Live Action from their site. Pinterest has been busy removing content that doesn’t go against their policies, only their political beliefs. So, it’s no surprise that they’re willing to break their own rules. It’s easy to find posts promoting drugs, violence, and even Antifa with a quick search on their site.

Once again, censorship seems to only be for conservatives.

Sarah Huckabee Working on a New Book

Now that Sarah Huckabee has stepped down as Donald Trump’s press secretary, she plans to keep herself busy by writing a book about her experience in the White House. She’s moving to Arkansas this summer to start her book. Huckabee is considering running for governor as well.

Regardless of what she chooses to do, we wish her the best of luck and look forward to her bright future.

Joe Biden’s Son Shows as Much Class as His Father

Democratic babies are spittling into the mainstream media again.

Hunter Biden “commented” on President Trump’s request for federal prosecutors to investigate his business deals with other countries. Trump’s request didn’t merely come out of the blue like a lot of Lefties are saying. Author Peter Schweizer revealed in a book that Hunter may have made illegal deals while his father was in office.

Instead of denying these reports, Hunter responded with “F*** you, Mr. President.”

Stay classy Hunter. Stay classy.

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