Pittsburgh Fights ICE, Chris Kelley Challenges Omar, and Dan Seum Turns Traitor

GOP Senator Endorses Democrat

GOP Senator Endorses Democrat

Republican senator Dan Seum made a surprising announcement this week: he has decided to switch sides and endorse Democrat Andy Beshear in the upcoming race for Governor.

Hear Seum’s words for yourself:

It might surprise you to learn that Seum was a Democrat until 1999 — and it isn’t even his first time crossing party lines. In 2015, he refused to endorse Republican candidate Matt Bevin.

Ilhan Omar’s Challenger

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s days in office could be numbered. Chris Kelley has announced he will run for Omar’s seat in 2020.

Kelley, a US Army and Army Reserves veteran, is an 11-time military medal recipient who first joined the forces shortly after September 11. Once he retired from the military, he became a police officer with the Minneapolis Police Force.

Chris Kelley is the type of person we need in government: someone who loves his country and isn’t ashamed of it. This will be a nice change of pace from Omar, who seems to feel the exact opposite.

Pittsburgh Port Authority Won’t Cooperate with ICE

The Pittsburgh Port Authority says its police officers won’t assist ICE with immigration raids on local buses and trains – and in fact, they never have. CEO Katherine Kelleman explained the hare-brained mindset on Twitter, claiming the Authority was well within their right to “protect patrons.”

Someone ought to remind her that “protecting patrons” can also mean “harboring illegal criminals” when you interfere with law enforcement. Cities need to learn that by working with ICE, they are helping to keep people safe.

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