Planned Parenthood Sued in Defamation Case

Planned Parenthood Sued for $75 MILLION in Defamation Case

( – A conservative journalist is suing America’s largest abortion provider for defamation after the organization lashed out at his investigative work. David Daleiden is looking for $75,000 in damages for what he claims is a series of false claims aimed at discrediting him; PP is denying everything.

Shocking Video Sparked Confrontation

The conflict between Daleiden and PP began after the citizen journalist spent five years collecting shocking video footage from inside PP abortion centers. In 2015, he began releasing disturbing images and clips, prompting several Republican governors to defund the organization. Faced with this threat to their funding, PP responded furiously.

A court filing in 2016 insisted that Daleiden wasn’t actually a journalist, and so wasn’t entitled to any legal protection. In 2019, they successfully sued him for fraud, trespassing and illegal filming. Daleiden is still appealing those charges, but now he’s filed a complaint of his own.

According to a complaint filed on Thursday, September 17, in New York’s Southern District Court, PP has damaged Daleiden’s reputation and caused him personal humiliation, mental anguish and suffering. The suit was filed on behalf of Daleiden himself and his organization, the pro-life, nonprofit Center for Medical Progress.

Conflicting Claims

At the heart of the case is Daleiden’s claim that Planned Parenthood sells fetal tissue from aborted babies. PP denies this vigorously, but Daleiden says his videos show it happening. When PP sued him, their initial complaint accused him of “defamatory acts” by making these claims – but defamation wasn’t on the actual list of grievances brought against him.

Daleiden’s claims received support this year when PP invoices showed the organization charging a fetal tissue procurement company fees per body part, adding up to thousands of dollars for just one clinic – $25,000 in two months.

In response to Daleiden’s accusation that PP has altered its abortion procedure to collect intact fetal tissue, the group’s former medical director, Mary Gatter, claimed she hadn’t changed the procedure – but had changed her “techniques.”

It’s never been very clear what the difference is. Gatter has now resigned from Planned Parenthood after being caught on video negotiating prices for fetal tissue and joking that she wanted to buy a Lamborghini.

The cameraman who captured her sick joke was David Daleiden.

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