Planning, Preparation, and Practice (For a Home Invasion)

Home Invasion
Home Invasion

Do you remember when we could rely on law enforcement to do its job to protect property and citizens? Most of us never needed their help, but we knew that if needed, well trained professionals would be there to enforce the law and to protect law abiding citizens.
Today, with police and protective services suffering from budget cuts, resources may not be available when needed. A large rural county in an eastern state recently cut his sheriff staff from around 100 to fewer than 50 in response to budget cuts. When asked by citizens what they could expect in the event they needed law enforcement, the local sheriff advised citizens to consider guns for self-protection.
Reduced law enforcement usually correlates with increased lawlessness. If law enforcement can’t respond in time, it’s up to individuals to protect themselves and their families. As a result, frustrated, scared, and untrained citizens may be forced to take on law enforcement’s role as first-responder.
Consider a situation where you as a homeowner need law enforcement when it’s not available. The scenario can range from a routine home invasion to civil unrest and chaos where law enforcement may not be able to do its job for political reasons, or because they are simply overwhelmed.
In either case, apartment dwellers or homeowners may have to take things into their own hands to protect property, self, and family. When a person’s home or place of residence is invaded, he or she has to know ahead of time exactly how to react. If there’s a gun in the home, where is it kept, is it loaded, and how will it be used at the moment of truth?  Being awakened by an intruder(s) at 2:00 a.m. is not the best time to decide how to react.
Who’s going to call 9-1-1, from which phone?
If a cell phone is used, where does the 9-1-1 call go?
What about the kids?  Is there more than one intruder?
Does the family have a plan and has it been rehearsed?
At the moment it happens, if you and your family members are not practiced, it’s too late to think about how to react. The government encourages homeowners to practice fire and earthquake drills, why not include home invasion drills?