Playground Slammed With Bullets After Gunmen Open Fire

Playground Slammed With Bullets After Gunman Opens Fire

Playground SHOOTING – Nearly 100 Shots Fired!

( – A quarrel between rivaling neighborhood groups is the likely cause of a shootout near a West Philadelphia playground on Wednesday, August 17. Three men are in custody, and police are still looking for three more who are at large after a barrage of about a hundred bullets rained down on the area, leaving five people wounded.

Authorities responded quickly after reports of a gang of young men in a white SUV opening fire hit the police band. After a short pursuit, the vehicle crashed, and authorities captured most of the suspects. It was initially reported that there were four suspects, but that was later amended to six after video footage revealed more shooters. Three suspects remain at large.

Authorities also confiscated a cache of weapons in the car. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw took to Twitter to talk about the violence, reminding people in her city that accountability begins with the criminals.

Of the five victims hit in the alleged assault, one was driving through in a BMW, unaware of the situation, and two were innocent people passing by. All victims are between the ages of 17 and 25. One person was shot in the hand, two have graze wounds, and two others have head wounds.

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