Police Commissioner Resigns After Only 18 Months on the Job

Police Commissioner Resigns After Only 18 Months on the Job

(UnitedVoice.com) – New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) made history last year when he appointed Keechant Sewell to serve as the first female NYC police commissioner. The former chief of detectives for the Nassau County Police Department served in the role during an incredibly difficult period in the city’s history. Now, she has resigned.

On June 12, Sewell sent an email to the men and women of the NYPD, informing them that she was leaving her position as commissioner. The Staten Island Advance published the resignation email. In it, she told the force that they’d faced “tremendous tragedy, challenges, and triumphs together.” She further told them that she witnessed the best of them every day and called them “extraordinary.”

After more praise, Sewell said she decided to step down as commissioner. She ran through a list of what she believes are her accomplishments and asked the officers to continue to do what they were doing to keep the Big Apple safe.

Mayor Adams thanked Sewell for the 18 months she gave to the office. He said her efforts have played a role in making the city safer.

Neither the commissioner nor the mayor explained why she is stepping down from her position. However, the New York Post blamed City Hall for it, saying she had lost almost all of her authority and wasn’t even allowed to promote detectives without receiving permission from city officials. The newspaper went on to say the real person in charge was Phil Banks, the deputy mayor for public safety. He’d previously worked as a chief for the police force but resigned during a corruption probe.

Sewell is staying on as commissioner until the end of June. Adams has yet to indicate who he plans to name as her replacement. First Deputy Commissioner Edward Caban will become interim commissioner if nobody is named before she leaves.

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