Police Department Has a MASSIVE Problem Opening Up

Police Department Has a MASSIVE Problem Opening Up

(UnitedVoice.com) – A West Virginia police department is grappling with a very unusual problem — its headquarters is hanging over the edge of a giant sinkhole. The massive cavity has been growing steadily for almost 18 months, and now, the police building perches on the lip of the abyss that used to be its parking lot. Engineers are trying to shore things up, but a real fix is urgently needed.

Last June, the sudden appearance of a 6-foot-wide, 30-foot-deep hole in the middle of State Route 20, right beside their parking lot, startled cops in Hinton, WV. Investigations revealed leakage from an old drain had undermined the ground, causing the pit. That solved the mystery of why it was there, but it just kept growing.

Things only got worse when rain from Hurricane Nicole swept through the state on November 11, washing away temporary repairs and enlarging the hole. Now, the sinkhole is spreading under the police department, forcing officers to relocate to temporary accommodations.

Additionally, the West Virginia Department of Highways is hastily planning a 125-foot temporary bridge to keep Route 20 open until engineers can properly repair the 90-year-old drain that caused the problem and fill in the void. Long term, the department plans to install a 300-foot steel drain to solve the problem, but it’s a race against time to get that done before Hinton Police Department disappears down the hole.

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