Police Issue Laughable Advice Amidst Massive Crime Wave

Police Issue Laughable Advice Amidst Massive Crime Wave

(UnitedVoice.com) – Oakland, California, is being ravaged by a massive crime wave. Its woke new district attorney is working to keep criminals out of jail. Left-leaning pressure groups are calling for more cops and tougher sentences. Now, the stricken city’s police department has told residents how to protect themselves — buy an air horn.

Oakland’s local branch of the NAACP — usually no friend to law enforcement — has written to the city council slamming politicians for backing the “defund the police” movement. Residents are leaving, fed up with not feeling safe when they leave their homes. Meanwhile, District Attorney Pamela Price is opening new investigations into officer-involved deaths dating back as much as 15 years ago, while pushing through new sentencing guidelines designed to keep criminals out of jail. Predictably, crime is spiraling out of control, and residents want something done about it.

Unfortunately for them, the Oakland Police Department doesn’t seem to be taking their worries seriously. Last month, Oakland NAACP president Cynthia Adams called on the city to declare a state of emergency and bring in “massive” law enforcement resources to restore law and order; instead, the police suggest residents buy an air horn and use it to alert neighbors if their homes are invaded.

Oakland resident Toni Bird has three air horns, along with five security cameras, around her home. She still doesn’t feel safe. She’s staying, because she believes things can get better, but not everyone is so optimistic. Fellow resident Kristin Cook is leaving the city; she told reporters she’s scared to drive at night now because carjackings are so common. Worse, her son is about to start driving, and she doesn’t want him to get killed at a stop light just because he has a nice car. She doesn’t seem convinced that an air horn will be enough to save his life.

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