Poll: Free College Education for Illegal Immigrants

Poll Results

We paid to conduct a scientific poll on whether respondents believe illegal immigrants should be eligible to receive taxpayer funded college education. This would make college education free for illegal immigrants. Any guesses as to how people responded? Don’t worry, it’s no surprise.

8% of Americans think illegal immigrants SHOULD receive free college education.
92% of Americans think illegal immigrants SHOULD NOT receive free college education.

The votes coming through so far indicate that the vast majority of people feel that those who are not United States citizens SHOULD NOT receive free college education funded by U.S. tax payers. And it’s not even close, which is a relief because it seems that common sense is rare these days.

The silent majority of the United States does not even think that college should be free for American students. They believe that investing in your own future and education are part of the American dream. A dream that is handed to no one, but comes as the result of hard work.

However, there are some on the left that believe in handouts. Particularly, they believe in handouts to illegal immigrants. They want to give illegal immigrants free things to make them feel better that others will have to pay for. Fortunately, it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.

What usually happens when an illegal immigrant receives a college education, is they go back to their own country to start a better life. They leave their old life in the U.S. behind, along with all of their college debt. Giving them free education would just encourage more immigration, not less.

That’s why we are excited about the answers to this poll. So that we can share them with those in power who can take action to change things as they stand today.