Poll: Illegal Immigrant Free Food Stamp Eligibility

Poll Results

We asked thousands of people whether they thought illegal immigrants should be eligible to participate in the U.S. Government’s taxpayer funded SNAP program. The SNAP program provides free food stamps for people who cannot afford to feed themselves. The results are shown below.

7% of Americans think illegal immigrants SHOULD be eligible for free food stamps.
93% of Americans think illegal immigrants SHOULD NOT be eligible for free food stamps.

Most respondents believe that those who are not United States citizens SHOULD NOT be eligible for free food stamps. These results are hardly surprising, but basic common sense seems to be rare these days.

Let’s not forget that hunger is still a problem in the United States. There are millions of American families who struggle to put food on the table every night. These parents work hard, pay their taxes, pay the rent, and put the rest of their hard earned money towards food. Sometimes it’s just not enough.

On the other hand, this country is in the middle of an illegal immigration crisis. Thousands of immigrants are streaming into this country every day. The hardworking American families who’re paying their taxes and struggling to put food on the table are at the same time paying to feed, cloth, and house these illegals and their children.

There is little sympathy for the plight of the illegal immigrant at this point in history. While many feel compassion for their struggle, there is an earnest frustration that these people should be following the rules, the laws, and the proper procedures for immigrating to the United States.

Let’s feed hungry American citizens before we feed people coming to this country illegally, shall we?

That’s why we are excited about the answers to this poll. So that we can share them with those in power who can take action to change things as they stand today.