Poll Reveals AOC’s People Don’t Want Her

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be a social media sensation for many of her followers, but nothing says you have failed as a representative in real life like your own people wanting you out of office. And a recent poll discussed at the Washington Examiner reveals just how badly they want her out.

When the 14th Congressional District in the Queens and Bronx was polled concerning AOC in office, a whopping 13% of voters said they would re-elect her. But let’s talk larger numbers. 51% of those polled have “an unfavorable view” and 42% know nothing about her. (We’ll just assume they didn’t frequent her bartending days.)

The problem is, well, she talks a lot of crazy, uneducated and even baffling crap. When your representative can’t do simple math, as suggested by at least on of her tweets, and you run off potential employment opportunities for those you are supposed to be looking out for, well, it’s no surprise that only 13% ever want to see you in office again.

It’s a good thing she knows how to serve drinks, because according to her own people, she sure doesn’t know how to serve as a representative.