Poll Says Voters Believe Biden Lied to Get Elected

Poll Says Voters Believe Biden Lied to Get Elected

(UnitedVoice.com) – If you’re like most, when you were a kid, your mom or dad told you that the lie was worse than the deed. People tend to be forgiving, but it breaks a social bond when they feel misled, and trust erodes. In 2020, then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made the case he was a moderate who defeated the liberals. In a press conference on Wednesday, January 19, the president doubled down on that assertion.

The problem is, Biden was never that guy in 2020. He certainly hasn’t governed as a moderate over the last year. It’s apparent he shifted to the far-left. Now, a new Zogby poll suggests that Biden’s lie in 2020 has caught up to him, and it’s not good news for the country.

Do Voters Believe Biden Lied to Them?

Since the late 1980s, Joe Biden has had a chronic problem with the truth. So, is it really a surprise that voters feel he wasn’t truthful with them in 2020? To anyone who did just a little digging, Biden’s intention to move far-left was right under their noses during the presidential campaign. Perhaps that’s why Biden’s untruthfulness stings so much? It’s hard for someone to admit they got taken.

During the 2020 Democratic Convention, Biden adopted Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) far-left policies for the Democratic Platform to secure the nomination. Yet, during a debate with President Donald Trump, he claimed to be a moderate who defeated the socialists. All one needed to do was point out the Democratic Platform to refute his claim. He signed off on it. Yet, no one did it.

After a year in office, voters experienced the reality of the 2020 party platform as Biden and his fellow Democrats moved to initiate the Left’s agenda in 2021.

But how do the people feel about the past year? According to the Zogby poll, more voters than not said the president oversold his moderate stance to the point of “lying” to win office. When asked if Biden delivered on his campaign promises, only 38.2% agreed. When asked if he “was lying just to get elected,” 47.7% said Biden did, and 16.1% said they weren’t sure if he did or not.

Profound Consequences for America

This poll ought to scare the life out of any politician because, according to Zogby, even Democrats are abandoning ship. In the world of politics, all one has is their word and their vote. Granted, the opposition party will counter a political opponent. Rarely do elected officials refer to one another as liars over differing viewpoints. However, Biden is losing massive ground among independents in poll after poll. If Democrats start bailing on him over trustworthiness, it’s a bad sign for Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Making things more interesting, Zogby went out of its way to suggest Biden’s incompetency is re-opening the door for the Clintons. If they begin to reappear in public, and Democrats get behind Hillary once again, it could make Trump appealing to voters. Could it be 2016 all over again?

Let’s forget about elections for a moment. There is a more significant concern.

Biden’s risk moving forward is that if the country doesn’t believe he’s credible, who will listen to him if he really needs the public to take some kind of action? Who will take him seriously inside the government? In 2020, Biden said the words of a president matter — he was right. What happens now if his words don’t matter to voters?

Worse still, if Russia, China, and America’s allies know his own people don’t trust him to tell the truth, how can they expect to believe what he says? Their perceptions of him could cause countries to pull back on trade deals. It could spur Iran to attack Israel if they perceive Biden as weak. As 100,000 soldiers line up on the Ukrainian/Russian border, what about Russia? China is getting more provocative towards Taiwan. There’s no shortage of danger when the world senses a weakened US president.

This development is devastating news for the country, but at some point expected. The sad part is, once again, it’s self-inflicted. When one is untruthful, it usually has a way of catching up with them — especially on something as big as the presidency. It’s entirely possible 2021 could end up being Biden’s best year in office. That would not be good for America.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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