POLL: Voters Care Most About Economy Ahead of 2020 Election

POLL: Voters Care Most About Economy Ahead Of 2020 Election

(UnitedVoice.com) – With the country facing a COVID-induced national recession and the potential for a second wave of infections going into winter, Gallup polling found the economy is the top issue among registered voters as the country heads into the 2020 election.

Published on October 5, the poll showed 44% indicated the economy was extremely important, and 45% said it was very important for a combined total of 89%.

Other top priorities for voters included:

  • Terrorism and national security: 83% — 44% extremely important/39% very important
  • Education: 82% — 40% extremely important/42% very important
  • Healthcare: 80% — 42% extremely important/38% very important
  • Crime: 79% — 34% extremely important/45% very important
  • Coronavirus response: 77% — 43% extremely important/34% very important
  • Race relations: 76% — 39% extremely important/37% very important

A majority of registered voters also said the remaining nine topics were extremely or very important with one exception — Russian relations, which came in with a 49% combined total. The other issues in order of importance included foreign affairs, gun policy, immigration, the deficit, China relations, abortion, taxes, and climate change.

Results Along Party Lines

The poll also found a noticeable divide between Democrat and Democrat-leaning independent voters and Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters.

The top six issues for Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters included healthcare (95%), the coronavirus response (93%), race relations (89%), climate change (88%), the economy (85%), and education (85%).

Republicans and Republican-leaning voters favored the economy (93%), national security (93%), crime (85%), education (79%), and gun policy (76%).

Final Thoughts

It’s not surprising the economy weighed in as the number one concern for registered voters, considering the unwillingness of Democratic legislators to compromise with the White House and Republicans on a new economic relief package.

Likewise, it’s not unexpected that issues regarding terrorism and national security polled high in the wake of months of rioting and looting in predominantly Democratic-led cities.

With the election less than a month away, Democratic candidates might end up paying the price for their lack of attention to these two issues.

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