Pope Francis Says There Are Bad Omens, More Evil To Come

Pope Francis Says There Are Bad Omens, More Evil To Come

(UnitedVoice.com) – Pope Francis has changed much about the Catholic Church. He has made the institution a more accepting place for many people. However, he remains concerned about what’s happening around the world. Recently, he issued a dire warning.

On December 10, the pope spoke ahead of the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The holiday celebrates the appearance of the Virgin Mary to a man in Mexico City in 1531. Pope Francis stated that he believes there are “greater omens of greater destruction and desolation” across the globe. He said the holiday came at a “difficult time” for people who inhabited the “New World,” much like the times we’re living through today.

The pope explained that he believes the modern day is full of famines, wars, injustices, and other horrendous problems.

Pope Francis is correct that the world is experiencing a difficult time. Multiple wars are raging across the world, most notably in Ukraine. That conflict has made the global hunger crisis even worse. In the US, crime is raging, with murders on the rise. Children across the globe are falling victim to human trafficking as well.

Do you believe the Pope is correct in claiming greater destruction and desolation may be in store for humanity?

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