Pope Francis Tells Christians to “Eat Less Meat” to Save the Planet

Pope Francis Tells Christians to

Pope Francis Makes SHOCKING Request To Christians

(UnitedVoice.com) – Leaders of the church used to tell Catholics not to eat meat on Fridays. Now Pope Francis is saying they should just eat less meat, period. The anti-meat message came as part of a letter pushing a broader environmentalist agenda.

Writing to an EU youth audience on July 6, Pope Francis discussed climate change and the environment with his listeners. His main message was that people need to consume less “superfluous things.” However, not everyone agrees with the Argentinian-born pontiff’s definition of the word.

Francis highlighted fossil fuels as one thing we need to use less but then went on to say that “in certain areas of the world,” it would be prudent to eat less meat. The Holy See didn’t specify what parts of the world he was talking about. That said, the US, Australia, and Uruguay are among the top consumers of meat products, but it’s unclear if people in those countries were offended by his remarks.

The pope’s letter also argued for a united Europe, referencing various wars over the years where people of all ages “fight and die.” He finished by urging young people to push for change and asking them to pray for him.

What do you think of the Pope’s seemingly vegetarian-leaning stance?

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