Portland Follows in Seattle’s Footsteps

Portland Follows in Seattle's Footsteps

(UnitedVoice.com) – It seems like more people are taking a page out of Seattle’s book. Portland, Oregon rioters have created another autonomous zone similar to the one disbanded last month in the Emerald City.

The Chinook Land Autonomous Territory, or CLAT, was established Tuesday night when teenagers stopped traffic on a downtown street near the federal courthouse and began setting up barriers. They put out messages on Twitter for people to bring tents and join them. Police attempted to remove barricades but disengaged as rioters returned. The federal government added US marshals to the courthouse to protect it.

Acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan said those participating are not protestors. They are criminals who planned, organized, and intended to destroy property and are dangerous to federal officers. He said they have rocks, hammers, and nails in plywood to use in altercations with law enforcement.

Officers have been incredibly constrained as rioters threw broken bottles and pointed lasers at them. The police say they didn’t use gas or strong crowd control measures to control the situation.

Stay tuned as the story develops.

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