Possibly the Worst Kind of Hypocrisy

Possibly the Worst Kind of Hypocrisy
Possibly the Worst Kind of Hypocrisy

Back in early February, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar (a Democrat) found herself in hot water. She had tweeted claiming U.S. political support for Israel was “all about the Benjamins,” a comment many found anti-Semitic.
Omar backpedaled after bipartisan criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike, but was she really sorry?
Fast forward to Tuesday, February 12. News broke that not only was Omar’s apology a twisted attempt at PR (saving face), but potentially totally fake. It seems Ms. Omar is scheduled to appear alongside a well-known anti-Semitic official by the name of Yousef Abdullah at an upcoming Islamic relief event.
If you’re wondering how that proves her apology was bunk, hang in there. We’ll break it down and help you understand right now.

  • The problem is not the Islamic event; it’s the person she’s appearing with. Yousef Abdullah’s social media history clearly paints him as unfailingly positioning himself against Jewish people.
  • In one instance, Abdullah shared a long story about a Palestinian folk tale featuring a resistance fighter named Zharif al-Tawl. The story highlights how al-Tawl took revenge on Jewish people by giving the people guns to “kill 20 Jews.” It also includes info about helping people “fire rockets at Tel Aviv.”
  • Abdullah has also called Jews “stinking” and liked Facebook comments calling on God to destroy “the damned rapists Zionists.” In other instances, he liked comments praising the killing of Jews in Israel and along the West Bank or in Gaza despite showing the public a very different face.
  • Yet, Omar’s “apology” seems to suggest a very different face. In an interview shortly after the tweet, she addresses it directly. “I know what intolerance looks like,” she says. “The thing that has been hurtful about this whole process for me is knowing that I could be someone who could use language that causes hurt to others.”
  • Is an apology really real if you say you’re sorry, yet turn around and praise the very people doing the kind of damage you say you’re against? Either Omar is two-faced and trying to play both sides or she’s lying when she says she’s sorry. Either answer places her in a position where she should be questioned for her ability to lead – but that’s almost a classically Left trait these days.