Postal Service Finds 1,700 Mail-in Ballots

Postal Service Finds 1,700 Mail-in Ballots

( – For months, President Trump questioned the effectiveness of mail-in voting. A serious concern centered around the effectiveness of the United States Postal Service (USPS). During the 2020 primary season, 65,000 absentee or mail-in ballots were rejected because they weren’t sorted by the USPS in time to meet the deadline. Hundreds of ballots also went missing in Wisconsin last April.

Last summer, US Attorney General William Barr warned that mail-in voting couldn’t be properly policed. Now, here we are in the middle of a hotly contested election, and the postal service issues are coming up again. It’s leading to questions about the integrity of the election.

US District Court Orders Sweeps of Mail Delivery Services

In an election as tight as the one for President of the United States, every vote counts. Small numbers of ballots are having a big impact on the potential outcome of the election. On Wednesday, US District Judge Emmet Sullivan said he was “shocked” that Pennsylvania and North Carolina facilities had not been swept for ballots. The judge warned that the revelation left “a bad taste in everyone’s mouth” and that there could be a “price to pay.”

On Thursday, he ordered the USPS to conduct sweeps of all mail facilities twice a day to ensure mail-in ballots weren’t misplaced and reach their intended destinations on time.

USPS officials told the court that 150,000 ballots were found on Wednesday and delivered on-time according to state election laws. Sullivan ordered additional sweeps to make sure that any missing ballots that were discovered would be delivered immediately.

In a separate ruling, Judge Sullivan ordered the USPS to work closely with county Boards of Elections in North Carolina and Pennsylvania to ensure ballots arrive by 5:00 pm local time on Friday. That appears to be the cutoff time the judge established for ballots to be received. Any ballots that come in after that may not be counted.

Problems on Friday Morning

On Friday morning, the Department of Justice informed the court that USPS plants across Pennsylvania found 1,700 mail-in ballots and 500 hundred more in North Carolina. If the votes are not received in time, they could be contested and thrown out.

Over the last few days in Pennsylvania, President Trump went from leading Democratic Nominee Joe Biden by a sizable number to falling behind on Friday morning. Approximately 327 of the discovered ballots were in areas considered Republican while the majority came from the Democratic strongholds of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

There could be more ballots found that could swing the election one way or another. In either case, it creates questions about the integrity of the election and the need for electoral reforms.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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