Potential Mitt Romney Opponent Brings In Millions To Defeat Him

Potential Mitt Romney Opponent Brings In Millions To Defeat Him

(UnitedVoice.com) – Republican Senator Mitt Romney (UT) has angered members of his party over the last few years. The lawmaker is well-known for his disdain for former President Donald Trump and even voted to impeach him. Now, he has a likely challenger for the GOP nomination.

In April, Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson (R) announced to the State Republican Convention that he was considering a run for Senate. The lawmaker has repeatedly said he was considering running against Romney for the seat. He has even gone as far as to file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, making his campaign official (kind of).

Although Wilson is technically a candidate already, he’s reportedly calling it an “exploratory committee.” Donors are apparently taking his run very seriously and dumping money into his campaign.

Wilson raised $2.2 million between April and June for his exploratory committee. He has $2.1 million cash on hand. The speaker added $1.2 million of his own money as a personal contribution, and his supporters donated over $1 million. After the financial information was made public, Wilson released a statement saying it was just the beginning, but the money proved his team “will have the resources and firepower” needed to spread his message “and win.”

The lawmaker’s campaign spokesperson responded to questions about why they are calling it an exploratory campaign when it’s structured as a regular one. The unnamed official said it’s just one of “many components to exploring a run for office,” including complying “with the necessary regulations” that allowed the speaker to raise money and “gauge support.”

Wilson told Fox News Digital that he thinks the amount of money he raised reflects the support he’s garnered. He claimed they “have broken records” and that 94% of the donations have come from residents of Utah, calling it “remarkable.”

Romney has not issued any statements about the matter.

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