Pre-Teen Faces Murder Charges Over Hit-and-Run Incident

Pre-Teen Faces Murder Charges Over Hit-and-Run Incident

( – Dallas cops are holding a suspect after a horrific car accident killed an 82-year-old woman in November. Although the crash happened over a month ago, police didn’t track down the suspect until December. Shockingly, he’s just 12 years old.

On November 7, on her way to buy groceries, Florence Kelly was waiting at a stop sign in northwest Dallas when a 2007 Toyota Avalon smashed into her car. Witnesses saw three people — the driver and two young girls — run from the Toyota, and first responders found a 13-year-old girl trapped in the wreck. Paramedics took Kelly to a hospital, but she died of her injuries. Doorbell cameras and eyewitnesses say the group from the Toyota didn’t call 911 after the crash.

The reason they didn’t call 911 became obvious when police finally caught up with the suspected driver: he’s only 12. The authorities arrested him on a murder charge in connection with Kelly’s death. Because of his age, police won’t release his identity, and prosecutors have charged him as a juvenile, meaning he doesn’t have the option of bail. Instead, the state is holding him in a juvenile detention center. Every two weeks, a detention hearing will decide whether to release him back to a parent or guardian or keep him in custody.

There are limitations to his sentencing, too. If the courts find the boy guilty as a juvenile, the court can’t sentence him to more than 40 years in prison. Additionally, he’ll be remanded to juvenile detention until he reaches a minimum age of 16. From there, he can be transferred to prison.

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