President Trump Cracking Down on Immigration

President Trump Cracking Down on Immigration
President Trump Cracking Down on Immigration

Did anybody hear the angelic voices in a hallelujah chorus on Wednesday? Well, the majority of you probably did. The only ones who couldn’t hear it were the liberal/progressives. That’s because it could only be discerned by the ears of the millions of Americans who have been crying out to have their country back. Our new president gave it back to us today, gift-wrapped and tied up in a bow.
Our newly-elected President, Donald Trump, issued executive orders Wednesday that will allow America to FINALLY take back its borders.[Cue hallelujah chorus]
These orders include amping-up deportations and increasing immigration enforcement. But that’s not all. With the same executive orders, he gave the green light to that thing he’s been promising his supporters from the very beginning of his campaign — the wall.
“A nation without borders is not a nation,” Trump said in a speech before the Department of Homeland Security. “Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders.”
The orders stipulate that the homeland security secretary will “take steps to immediately plan, design, and construct a physical wall along the southern border,” in order to “achieve complete operational control of the southern border.”
How about that? And they said it would never happen. Of course, most people understand what a Herculean undertaking this will be — a wall will cost billions. The math is still pretty fuzzy on this whole deal, but President Trump continues to insist that Mexico will pay for it. He’s already gotten into a “will-not,” “will-too” contest with the Mexican president over it. But it seems like Trump might have a little something up his sleeve when it comes to getting Mexico to foot the bill for it. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Say-no-more.
While the wall was the premier piece of Trump’s new immigration policy, it also had a number of measures that attack the illegal immigration problem from multiple angles. His first step is to stop the flow of new illegals coming in, and then deporting the worst of the worst — the criminal illegals. To accomplish this, he has issued orders to hire 5,000 more border patrol agents, and 10,000 additional federal immigration officers.
In addition, he is eliminating the highly controversial “catch-and-release” program, which is a cutesy euphemism for the practice of catching illegal immigrants coming across the border and then turning them loose to run wild in America on the promise that they will come back later when the judge is ready to hear their case. Yeah. That really happens.
The executive orders prioritize the deportation of illegal immigrants who have committed crimes, and will penalize countries who refuse to take back their own convicts. He is also calling for the elimination of “sanctuary cities” by threatening to withhold federal funding from cities who harbor illegal immigrants and refuse to enforce federal immigration laws. The mayors of these cities are already digging in their heels, so there will likely be a struggle.
Trump’s orders extend beyond just the U.S.-Mexico border. He will also be signing an order this week to stop accepting Syrian refugees and cease issuing visas for 30 days to citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen. Trump will order Homeland Security and the State Department to take that time to review what information the U.S. government needs to fully vet those coming into the country on visas. They will then identify which countries do not provide that information, and give them 60 days to comply or the U.S. will refuse entry to their citizens.
Say what you will about Donald Trump. But, at the very least he’s proving himself to be a man of his word. That’s so refreshing, it’s downright scintillating. And he’s laying down the law on this immigration thing. It’s a safety issue for most of us — on a lot of different levels.
We love the melting pot that is America. Most of us ultimately came from somewhere else, too. We love the fact that people from around the world want so desperately to come here. Everyone wants a little of the American dream. That’s wonderful. In fact, Americans who forget that fact and take for granted what they have here should be ashamed. We are the most blessed people on the planet. But, the American dream will soon be a thing of the past, if we don’t follow some basic rules.