President Trump Drops Personal Bombshell

President Trump Drops Personal Bombshell

( – President Donald Trump officially has the press in an uproar once again. But this time, the response doesn’t stem from a fiery tweet or his usual staunch refusal to back down from the fanatical Left’s questionable demands. Instead, it’s a result of our commander-in-chief sharing an intimate glimpse into his own COVID-19 prevention efforts during a press conference on Monday, May 18.

Trump says he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for over a week:

HCQ has been around for nearly 65 years. It’s typically approved for the treatment of malaria, arthritis, and lupus. Researchers are currently exploring the drug’s potential as an effective treatment for COVID-19. However, it’s not without side effects or risks, especially for sensitive patient populations.

A study conducted in China, on March 16, tested the drug’s efficacy in over 100 patients diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. Patients who were given hydroxychloroquine reported a “shorter illness duration” compared to those who received only a placebo. A second study out of New York looked at nearly 1,400 patients but revealed virtually no difference in death rates.

As is typical, reporters seemed more interested in trying to make President Trump look wrong than they were in discovering more about the drug. But, the President was quick to clap back, pointing out the fact that at least one study only focused on people who were already in “extraordinarily bad condition.”

Why is this so important? Essentially, it makes the results questionable. It’s impossible to tell whether catastrophic side effects were caused by the drug or poor overall health.

The commander-in-chief also noted that frontline workers and doctors have been taking HCQ without any ill effects for several weeks.

Doctors and workers on both sides continue to explore the drug’s suitability as a treatment for COVID-19. But in the meantime, the president seems to believe wholly in its suitability. Is the Left right — could our leader really be taking a fatal drug? Or, are hydroxychloroquine’s risks and side effects being overstated?

Time (and hard evidence) will tell.

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