Prime Minister Resigns After Right-Wing Sweep on Election Day

Prime Minister Resigns After Right-Wing Sweep on Election Day

World Leader RESIGNS After Election Upset!

( – Sweden’s center-left prime minister has resigned after a right-wing coalition won a parliamentary majority — ending eight years of Social Democrat rule in the country. Still, the right-wing coalition that beat her has problems of its own.

On September 14, Swedish prime minister and Social Democratic Party leader Magdalena Andersson conceded that her party had lost the general election and resigned. The Social Democrats have controlled the government since 2014, either alone or in a coalition with the Greens. While they’re still the largest party in Sweden’s parliament, the Riksdag, a coalition of center-right and right-wing parties, now holds 176 of the 349 seats, giving them a majority.

Sweden’s next prime minister will probably be Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson, supported by the smaller Christian Democrat and Liberal parties. Yet, the biggest party in the coalition is actually the Sweden Democrats (SD), making the coalition fragile because it’s well to the right of the other three. Founded in 1988, SD had links to neo-Nazism and white supremacy until the mid-1990s, and many right-wing politicians, including the Liberals, still refuse to work with it. Kristersson might need to form a minority government and rely on SD voting to pass key legislation. Still, SD leader Jimmie Åkesson is likely to demand a long list of policy changes in exchange for that support. That could mean a tougher line on immigration, increased defense spending, and maybe even a vote on leaving the EU.

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